The most valuable lesson we learned from all emergencies and accidents is the danger of complacency. Once we think we are sitting comfortably with everything organized that is the time to watch out. We will be caught out by the unexpected and the unpredicted - particularly, the human responses. We can never afford to be totally satisfied, no matter how much time, money and effort we have expended.

Investigations following accidents and emergencies have often highlighted the inadequacy of site safety and fire procedures, the lack of employee adherence to procedures, that appropriate and sufficient fire and safety equipment was not in place or those in place were not fully operable. That the site emergency plan failed to operate effectively due to the failure of personnel to respond correctly.
Subsequent reports have commented on the need to have well structured fire and safety procedures together with a regular program of Occupational Safety and Fire/Emergency Response Training in order to ensure safe systems of work and an effective emergency response. Only than have we done everything humanly possible to ensure that we are prepared.

To assist you in achieving the above, we have brought together the best in the field of Fire, Emergency Response and Occupational Safety Training - a "Team" of Malaysian and expert training professionals who have the experience, competence and commitment to provide you with a far greater range of quality fire and safety services than is currently available locally, Basically we are "One Stop Centre, MIFFA " for your entire fire and safety requirement.
MIFFA is a dynamic organization that not only has the foresight to help you identify your need but also has the commitment and resolve to respond to them with all the resources at our disposal.